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26 Apr 2022

Recruitment of AI Engineers

We are recruiting for an AI Engineer. If you are interested, please send an email…

27 Dec 2021

Year-end and New Year vacations

We would like to inform you that our company will be closed from December 29,…

25 Nov 2021

Aries 3D Surrogate-Model product page has been added.

The product introduction page for Aries 3D Surrogate-Model, a 3D AI surrogate model product, has…

12 Nov 2021

3D surrogate model verification examples have been added.

We have added validation results of 3D surrogate model that replaces FEM analysis with 3D…

22 Sep 2021

The AI model of the Matching demonstration site has been improved.

The AI model for the Matching demonstration site (Bolt and Bracket) has been improved and…

03 Sep 2021

3D scan data has been added to the Matching demo site.

3D scanned bolt shapes have been added to the Aries 3D-Matching product demo site. There…