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About Us

Company Policy

Astraea is the goddess of justice in Greek mythology. We will pursue the happiness of all employees, customers and society by making selfless management decisions based on scientific management methods and in accordance with justice and fairness, growing the company and remembering the altruistic spirit.

Activity Goals

We develop and sell technical software and provide related education and consulting services.
In the design stage, manufacturers of automobiles, machinery, electrical and electronic equipment, etc., conduct virtual tests (simulations) on computers to guarantee the specifications, performance and quality of their products. This technology is called CAE (Computer Aided Engineering).
We use the latest computer technology, AI and the cloud to spread the benefits of this CAE technology to SMEs and sole proprietors.

Direction of Product Development

In order to run simulations on a computer, a huge amount of capital investment is required, including computer hardware, software, and labor costs. In addition, the evaluation of results requires the accumulation and integration of evaluation data over many years, which is very costly. We solve these problems for small businesses and sole proprietors.
As for the huge capital investment, we use cloud technology to provide software on servers at a subscription fee. The user can predict the performance of the product at a low usage fee based on the time of use.
For the accumulation and integration of evaluation data, AI technology is used to support beginners in advance with problems they are likely to fall into, and to advise them on how to evaluate the results.

Company profile

Name:Astraea Software Co., Ltd.
Founded:April 2nd, 2020
Representative:Kiyofumi Shijo 
Headquarters:17-12, 2 Chome, Kita-Otsuka,
Toshima City, Tokyo, Japan
Capital:10 Million JP Yen
Bank references:Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Tokyo City Shinkin Bank